After graduating From MODUL University in Vienna with an MBA in Publicity, Governance and Management, Mahmoud worked as an Administrative Officer for the Islamic University of Gaza.

Yamina graduated from MODUL University in 2012 with an MBA in Publicity, Governance and Management. Her dissertation focussed on climate change response measures and vulnerability assessment in South Africa.

Qassem graduated from MODUL University with a MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management. Whilst studying at MODUL, Qassem was a helpful and responsible scholarship recipient, helping with liaison between the University and the MBI Al Jaber Foundation.

Riad graduated from MODUL University with an MBA in Tourism Management in 2011. His dissertation focussed on ‘Guiding Strategies for Sustainability Development of Tourism Destinations in European Cities’.

Abdulrahman was awarded an MA in Bilingual Translation, with Merit, in 2009 from the University of Westminster. This makes him the first Yemeni researcher to complete such a degree.

On his return to Yemen after graduating from the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2009 with an MSc Degree in Comparative Politics, Farouk was successful in gaining employment with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Sana’a and worked as IFAD Country Program Assistant for Yemen. He is now Yemen Crisis Response Project Coordinator 

Zainab graduated in 2008 with a postgraduate degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of Westminster. Her reason for having chosen this topic is due to her believing that communication is about much more than language.

On his return to Iraq after graduating from the University of Westminster with an MA in Journalism in 2008, Laith began working as a journalist for an American Media company.

Tariq returned to Iraq after graduating from UCL in 2008 with a Distinction in his MSc in Radiation Biology. On his return to Iraq, he was awarded a scholarship from the Department of Radiation Oncology and Biology, Carl Gustav Carus Faculty of Medicine, at the Technical University of Dresden.

Stephanie graduated from MODUL with a BBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management in 2010. For her dissertation, she chose the subject of Media in Tourism, focussing specifically on the ‘Case of South-East Asian Islands’.